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Organic Lung Support Spray

Organic Lung Support Spray

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Welcome to respiratory freedom! Anyone who has ever had issues breathing knows how difficult it can be to function in regular daily life. Most often, these issues snowball out of control and lead you to stop living your best life because you have to choose not to participate in a lot of activities. This doesn't have to be your way of life! 

   Our Lung Health spray is carefully and thoughtfully designed to not only help stop short term effects but promotes the healing of your lungs and bronchial tubes. Jam packed with a powerful blend of organic herbs that will put you back on the right path to a happy healthy life!


   There is no need to take steroid filled inhalers anymore. Give Lung Health a shot and you will feel like a new you in no time! 

Ingredients: (All organic) Mullien leaf, tulsi, elderberry, orange peel, eucalyptus, peppermint leaf, food grade peppermint oil. 



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