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Organic Wild Lettuce Tincture

Organic Wild Lettuce Tincture

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We harvest wild & ethically harvested locally.

Discover the traditional uses of Lactuca Virosa, commonly known as Wild Lettuce. This unique plant, native to Southern Europe and now naturalized in the United States, has been a part of herbal medicine for centuries.

Wild Lettuce is known for its distinctive milky latex, which is believed to contain beneficial constituents. Historically, it has been used as a nervine and a bitter, helping to manage various conditions.

Here are some key historical uses of Wild Lettuce:

  1. Pain Management: Wild Lettuce has been traditionally used to modulate sensory input, providing a natural approach to managing physical discomfort.
  2. Sleep Aid: The plant has been used to promote restful sleep, making it a potential natural alternative for those seeking a good night’s rest.
  3. Antispasmodic: It has been used for nervous conditions with spasms and convulsions.
  4. Fever Reducer: In traditional Chinese medicine, Wild Lettuce was used as a fever-reducer.

Please note, while Wild Lettuce has a rich history in traditional medicine, its efficacy and safety have not been thoroughly studied. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using Wild Lettuce or any other supplements. It’s important to note that dietary supplements are not regulated the way drugs are in many countries.

Experience the historical benefits of Wild Lettuce and explore the world of natural remedies with Lactuca Virosa.

Ingredients: Organic wild harvested Wild lettuce (Lactuca Virosa) , grain alcohol (non GMO, gluten free) OR gluten free organic vegetable glycerin based on your choice.

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